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Resume Writing and Revisions

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One Resume Revised Three Ways

Writing a resume is a time-consuming, and often, frustrating process for many job seekers. I’ve met employees who have stayed in jobs they hate for years because writing a resume seemed too overwhelming. If you decide you aren’t the best person to write your resume, you can feel confident in my ability to make your credentials look the best they can on paper.

I have been reviewing and revising resumes since 2004 and I am a Certified Professional Resume writer.

Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions regarding resume services at Aware Now Counseling, LLC:

How much does the service cost?

Based on my experience with job seekers, time required to complete a resume or revision varies based on factors like years of experience, “challenges” like lack of experience or gaps in work history, making a career transition vs. staying in the same position/field, Pricing is based on an estimate of how much time it will take me to complete the resume. A rough estimate is $300 for an entry-level resume (0-2 years of experience) to $2,000 for an executive-level resume.

I'm not sure what kind of job I want. I'm willing to do anything. That's good, right?

Being flexible and open can be an endearing quality. Desperation and lack of self knowledge can be major turn-offs though, and a lot of candidates who ask me this question are usually desperate not to “miss out” on any potential avenues or they haven’t thought about what they want to do. If you need help sorting out what you want to do, I can help you with that, but that’s career counseling, and it will not be completed in one week.

If you provide me with a work history that is completely unfocused and no clear objective, I can put that information together for you so it sounds and looks as good as we can get it, but it is not going to be as effective as a targeted resume. For job seekers who still don’t know what the best job for them will be, and who do not want to engage in career counseling are probably better off preparing a basic resume based on a sample template, and working through a temp agency or getting work through personal networks to get started. The “traditional” job application process isn’t going to be effective for an applicant who does not have any sense of direction.

Can you help me make something up that's convincing?

Sorry, but I will not help anyone lie on a resume. In fact, if I catch you lying, I’ll omit the fake content. This might sound harsh, but lying on a resume is unethical. Also, if you get caught, it can cost you your job even if you lied about something that isn’t relevant to the work you’re doing.