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Mean Posts on the Internet

Because More Still Needs to be Said

The recent election has stirred-up a lot of strong feelings for people, and the fallout continues. Just to be clear: I am no angel when it comes to controlling what I say in online discussions either, particularly when I’m upset, especially when I’m responding to something that is offensive. Here’s the thing though: even in places where the election isn’t discussed, even in years before this election, just about every YouTuber I follow has needed to post something imploring viewers to speak to them and each other online like human beings.

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Resources for Grieving Families in Union County

For anyone grieving Westfield's recent loss, and anyone else

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is something I advise all of my clients to do, especially when it comes to career options, and while I know I do well with mood disorders and career transitions (yes, it’s a weird combination, but here we are) I’m not the most experienced practitioner when it comes to grief. Most of my clients have been on the young side, and, fortunately, grief and loss just isn’t usually as prominent with that population. Of course, as most Westfield residents know, students at Westfield High School recently lost one of their own. Sadly, yes, young people do experience loss too, and it’s always hard, but it’s especially tragic when they lose a peer. I do know of a couple of good local resources that might be helpful for people in the community seeking assistance.

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United Healthcare EOBs

They are confusing & they aren't bills

If you have United Healthcare or Oxford United Healthcare, please note that I am not an in-network provider for those plans, and due to the company’s reputation with other providers, I do not plan to be. In addition to other problems I have heard, they issue confusing Explanation of Benefits statements (EOBs.) If you are on a policy that does not include out of network benefits (OON) and you submit a claim for a provider who is out of network, your EOB may indicate that you don’t have any liability for the claim. This is very strange, and I haven’t seen another insurance company do this. Please understand though that an EOB is not a bill (that is also printed right on the EOB you receive in the mail) and it does not reflect your liability with the provider. It is a statement of your insurer’s benefits provided (or not provided) for services rendered.

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Resignation from AmeriHealth and Magellan Networks

Effective February 1, 2017

Effective February 1, 2017, I will no longer be an in-network provider for AmeriHealth or any Magellan-affiliated networks. I am still happy to accept clients on those plans that have out of network benefits they would like to access. I will continue to file claims on behalf of clients in those plans, as I would for other clients, if that is their preference. Currently, this change does not affect anyone I am serving, so it seemed like a timely move to protect the practice’s resources while minimizing the potential impact on my client base.

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