Online Booking Update

We are now using SimplePractice for online appointments. Current clients can book and manage appointments at

Client Roster Currently Full

The website is still being updated, but currently, Amy has a full caseload. Openings for new clients should be available by either late summer or the fall.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why should I come see you?

I am highly qualified for what I do and I am in-network with several major insurance companies in New Jersey including: Cigna, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AmeriHealth (Magellan), Magellan Behavioral Health, and Qualcare. Also, for anyone seeking career counseling, I am one of the few Master Career Counselors in New Jersey. This is a specialty designation assigned by the National Career Development Association, and is only awarded to counselors who have completed comprehensive training in career development counseling, and who have a significant amount of experience in the field.

Do you see teenagers?

Yes. I love teenagers.

How do I know you'll be better than my previous therapist?

No idea. I don’t know your previous therapist. What I will share with you on this front is that personality affects the therapeutic dynamic. So, some people get along better than others. Also, not to defend anyone I don’t know, but reflection is a key part of the counseling process. If you are going from therapist to therapist and nothing seems to be “working,” it may be time to look within yourself and clarify what your expectations are, and if you are clearly communicating those to your practitioners.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, I accept insurance. For more information about the plans I am in-network with, please see this information.

Do you run groups, classes or workshops?

I am interested in running groups and classes. Unfortunately, most of my clients have very busy schedules, so it’s hard to find a time when I can get a group together. If you would like to organize a program for a group (e.g. club/organization, assembly, presentation at a staff meeting, classroom presentation, etc.) I am happy to take requests. Since most of my clients are high school students and working adults, I’m usually available during the day on weekdays. If you are interested in discussing a customized training or program, please email me with a brief description of what you are looking for and a good time to contact you.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I accept all major credit cards. I also accept cash, checks and money orders.

If you have an FSA/HSA, I can try to process those cards to cover your co-pays. Sometimes, we will just need to go with old fashioned receipts. Sorry. Nobody asks me when they setup credit card systems.

Is what I talk about confidential?

Whatever you discuss with me in session is considered private information. Your status as a client is also private.

In the interest of public and personal safety, if you disclose anything pertaining to child or elder abuse, or plans to harm yourself or someone else, I may need to break confidentiality to disclose those risks to the proper authorities. This is very unusual.

If you are under 18 and not an emancipated minor (which you can’t be in NJ), your parents are legally entitled to access to your health records and that includes mental health. However, I discourage parents from prying into what children discuss in therapy because privacy is important.

I'm a student. Is it possible to bill sessions to my parents' credit card?

Yes. When you complete the intake forms emailed to you via SimplePractice before your first appointment, you will be asked to put a credit card on file. As long as your parents are okay with the co-pays for sessions being billed to their credit card, it’s fine with me.

What happens if appointments are canceled due to weather or if I need to cancel my appointment?

When I need to cancel appointments due to illness, weather, or some other unfortunate happening, I will do a combination of the following:

  • Post updates on Twitter, Facebook, and (usually) the website notifying everyone that the office is closed.
  • Text, call, and email anyone who has an appointment scheduled for the day.

If you need to cancel, please keep this in mind:

  • I don’t get paid for missed sessions because insurance doesn’t reimburse for those and I work for myself. If you miss a lot of appointments, I’ll need to bill you. Currently, the missed appointment fee is $25. It makes me sad when I need to charge for missed appointments, so if you can’t make it, please just let me know as soon as possible. Even if it’s less than 24 hours, any notice is better than no notice. Please don’t just be a no show. Therapists hate that.
  • The best way to notify me is to call my service at 908-913-0581. They’re nice people who answer the phone and they aren’t going to judge you. The sooner you call, the better.
  • If you are a dependent on your parents’ or spouse’s insurance and you’re telling them you’re going to therapy, if you are going through insurance, they can see the EOBs. That means they know when you’re going to sessions and when you aren’t. So please be honest with whoever you’re on the policy with about what you’re doing because they will figure it out.
  • When you skip an appointment and don’t give any notice, it means you’re wasting a spot someone else wanted. Not cool.
  • You can manage your appointments online through Full Slate. Every appointment reminder has a link in it that will take you right to your current appointment, and you can cancel and rebook right then and there. No interaction necessary.